Hi everyone!
We would like to introduce you to our wonderful new engine, the mighty

It's been a long time coming but to the Card family it has never been gone, under the wing of Alec Card
who in his lifetime was second to none on the JAP front after acquiring the company some twenty odd years
ago, has built a number of engines - all documented and on the company register. However with his
engineering skills and knowledge of what makes things go bang better, the new engine is testament to his
lifetime's work.

What we have now is exactly what a JAP V Twin would have been in those lost few years of the company.

Unfortunately our father Alec Card passed away on the 8th May 2010, but his work and commitment will
carry on with his sons. So this great new name and engine will continue to stay in the motorcycle and
three wheel car industry.

Notice - Beware! If it's not come from us - it's not JAP